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  • Rye Middle School (RMS) offers a rich learning environment that supports the academic performance, personal development and social growth of 819 students in grades 6 - 8 in Rye, NY.  The school’s organization, curriculum, pedagogy and programs are based on the developmental readiness, needs and interests of our students.  RMS administration, faculty and staff are committed to a comprehensive, shared vision of a school culture that includes:

    • Educators who value working with this age group and are prepared to do so
    • Courageous, collaborative leadership
    • A shared vision that guides decisions
    • An inviting, supportive, and safe environment
    • High expectations for every member of the learning community
    • Students and teachers engaged in active learning
    • Adult advocates for every student

     We provide:

    • Curriculum that is relevant, challenging, integrative and exploratory
    • Multiple learning and teaching approaches that respond to their diversity
    • Assessment and evaluations programs that promote quality learning
    • Organizational structures that support meaningful relationships and learning
    • School-wide efforts and policies that foster health, wellness, and safety
    • Multifaceted guidance and support services *

    In addition to the challenging academic programs and the rich array of electives, RMS offers a broad range of after school clubs and intramural sports.

    RMS appreciates the partnership it has with the Parent Organization and is grateful for the support it provides, from funding programs to parents volunteering time at special events.

    Thank you for visiting our home page.  Please explore our website for a more complete profile of our school.

    * This We Believe:  Keys to Educating Your Adolescents (NMSA 2010)

District News

  • RCSD Community Update: 1/15/21

    The District has seen a marked decrease in the number of new COVID-19 cases and in the number of students, faculty, and staff required to quarantine. There have been two positive cases at Rye High School and one at Midland School this week. Only the Midland case required any additional individual people to be quarantined, and, due to the new quarantine guidelines, the number of people required to quarantine as a result was quite small. Our hard work and months of lobbying the Department of Health seem to have paid off, enabling us to quarantine far fewer individuals. For more information about the Westchester County Department of Health’s new quarantine guidelines, see my communication from this Monday by clicking here. I am very hopeful that both of these encouraging new trends will continue.

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  • Department of Health Quarantine Guideline Changes

    I would like to begin by apologizing for the number of communications I have been sending, and will probably be sending in the near term, with the codicil that I feel it is important to keep parents/guardians informed and to share information as I receive it. Better to be over-informed than under-informed, or so I believe.

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  • Updated Scheduling Process for 6th and 7th Graders

    It’s hard to believe that it is already time to start the scheduling process for the 2021-22 school year. This year, we have changed our process and are beginning it earlier than in the past. Ms. Farewell (the 6th-grade Guidance Counselor) and Mr. Villanova (the 7th-grade Guidance Counselor) have created informational videos to guide parents and students through the scheduling process. After watching the video with your child, please complete the grade-level course selection form together.

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  • RCSD Community Update: 1/8/21

    I hope you had a restful, relaxing winter recess. For many, this week has been anything but restful or relaxing. The events in Washington, D.C., the appearance of new strains of COVID-19, and the slow roll-out of the vaccine have combined to make this a stressful time for many in our community. Hopefully, we will soon begin to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

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  • Letter from the Superintendent Regarding Events in Washington, D.C.

    It is likely that your children may have seen or heard news of the violent acts at the U.S. Capital today. The images are disturbing and may be difficult for children (and adults) to process and could result in anxiety or fear. When you add this to the stresses already in place due to the pandemic, the result is that some members of our school community may be experiencing feelings of instability and upset. If your students need to speak to someone about their concerns, please reach out to one of our school counselors, psychologists, or social workers. Contact information is below. Teachers and administrators will remain watchful of your children during school-related discussions about current events. Please share any concerns you have about your children with their teachers, school psychologists, guidance counselors, and/or administrators.

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  • RCSD December Superintendent's Bulletin

    Read the RCSD December Superintendent's Bulletin here.

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  • RCSD Community Update: 12/18/20

    I hope that you and your families enjoyed yesterday’s snow day. It seems as if the decision to have an old-fashioned snow day was the first universally acclaimed decision I have made since the outset of the pandemic.

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  • Rye Middle School Principal Announcement

    I am so pleased to share with you that Rye Middle School will soon have a newly appointed Principal. I am recommending that the Board of Education appoint Interim Principal Joseph DiGiovanni as Principal of Rye Middle School, effective immediately.

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  • RCSD Community Update: 12/11/20

    The greasier - the better. As a way to manage the difficulties of COVID-19, each Friday at central office, we try to offset our stress by ordering comfort food from a local establishment.

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