• Purpose

    The Race, Inclusivity and Community Task Force will take on the challenge of ensuring that we provide a school environment that supports all students and provides equity in opportunity. We are committed to following a comprehensive process that will seek to identify areas where we fall short, determine opportunities for growth, and develop a plan that will ensure we achieve equity for all. The task force will focus on several key areas:

    • Student Support
    • Curriculum
    • Professional Development and Staff Support
    • Community Engagement
    • Data Collection and Analysis
    • Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

    The task force is composed of stakeholders including students/alumni, faculty, and community members. The task force will identify community-based organizations and experts in the field of equity to become our partners in this critically important work.

    The task force will work to form partnerships with community organizations and outside experts for resources, expertise, and to extend the reach of the Rye City School District community beyond current students, parents, faculty, and staff.

    The members of this task force agree to the following commitments:


    • We are committed to making Rye schools a more inclusive, welcoming, and equitable learning environment for all stakeholders.
    • We are committed to achieving this through concrete actions, not just words.
    • We commit to continue to seek out and listen to feedback from our BIPOC students, alumni, and employees about their experiences with racism in the school
    • We commit to support a thorough equity audit of district policies and practices to identify ways that they may have unfairly impacted BIPOC individuals, regardless of intent.
    • We commit to creating an objective and transparent method of data collection to gather the information we need to guide our work.
    • We commit to a set of agreed-upon norms that will guide our discourse during task force and subcommittee meetings.