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  • Welcome to the Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment! One of my priorities is to support the Rye City Schools in ensuring that our students are engaged in meaningful and challenging learning experiences in kindergarten through 12th grade while aligning to the NY State Next Generation Learning Standards. More information on the Next Generation English Language Arts and Mathematics Learning Standards is available on the NY State Education Department websiteEffective teaching depends on challenging curriculum, responsive instruction, and informative assessment. Here is a brief overview of how the Rye City School District provides a strong foundation for successful learning. 

    The curriculum in Rye City Schools is rich and varied. The current K-12 core curriculum is derived from the New York State Education Department standards in mathematics, English Language Arts, social studies, foreign language, the arts, technology, and physical education. The Regents core is expanded at the secondary level with honors and Advanced Placement opportunities at the high school level, and by a variety of elective offerings in the middle school. In addition to the substantial core curriculum, we include a variety of other programs, such as instrumental and vocal music, theater, intramural and interscholastic sports, foreign language in the elementary schools, and a variety of elective and exploratory courses in the middle and high schools. 

    We focus on bringing our curriculum to every student through differentiated instructional strategies. Instruction in Rye’s schools is flexible enough to respond to the needs of children who learn in different ways. An assortment of instructional approaches addresses differences in students’ prior knowledge, personal interests and relative strengths and weaknesses in various subjects. The district provides special education and academic support services and best practices in pedagogy. We also provide targeted instructional support in key skill areas, such as the Writing Mentor Program in the high school and the WIN period at the elementary level. Our commitment to developing a broad range of instructional techniques is a crucial part of our program, incorporating both existing and emerging technologies as appropriate to address the needs of all students. Teachers in our three elementary schools routinely collaborate on instruction and middle and high school teacher teams meet regularly to discuss students and coordinate instruction across the different subject areas. These forums along with departmental, faculty, and curricular meetings contribute to making instruction responsive to the varied needs and interests of all students. 

    New York State requires that we formally assess our students in third through twelfth grade. The assessments include ELA and math assessments (grades 3-8), science (4th and 8th) and Regents exams (at the secondary level). Additionally, we administer assessments to secure information about student progress, as well as to provide direction for instruction. Advanced Placement tests are taken by students who participate in AP courses, and most students take either the SAT or ACT (or both) as part of the college application process. In addition to these assessments, we also assess student progress regularly in reading and mathematics and we monitor students informally, as part of routine instructional practices. Although the public sees the results of “high stakes” testing reported in newspapers and national magazines, it is often the more subtle and frequent assessment used during instruction that enables teachers to best meet the needs of their students. We are committed to continually developing our practice to best reach and successfully teach every student. I invite you to participate in your child's education; to get involved in school and district programs and to continue to support learning at home. I look forward to an exciting and enriching school year!

    Dr. Tricia Murray 
    Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
    Rye City School District


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