Welcome to 5th Grade

  • Fifth Grade

    Fifth grade is a very busy and productive year for students at Midland as they prepare for middle school. Some of the varied topics that fifth graders study are American government, the scientific method, numerous math concepts, reading in various genres, and various types of writing. Fifth-grade highlights include special field trips, events, and several end-of-the-year activities. In addition, fifth graders are prepared for middle school and understanding how the Rye Middle School operates.

    Fifth Grade Curriculum

    • Language Arts: Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop to meet Common Core standards
    • Math: Math Expressions and supplemental resources to meet Common Core standards
    • Science: P/NW BOCES Science 21 Grade 5 Curriculum-inquiry-based
    • Social Studies: P/NW BOCES Grade 5 Integrated Social Studies/ELA Curriculum

    Fifth Grade Field Trips and Events

    • Curriculum-based Field Trips
    • Fifth Grade Musical
    • Band/Orchestra/Chorus Concerts
    • Science Fair
    • Pool Party at Rye Golf Club
    • End of Year Adventure
    • Fifth Grade Moving Up Ceremony 

    From Midland to Middle School

    • Visit with Rye Middle School Principal
    • Rye Middle School Band and Orchestra Presentation
    • Student Visit to Rye Middle School